Prostitute Darla

Darla +52(564)3835-822
Darla +52(564)3835-822
Darla +52(564)3835-822
Darla +52(564)3835-822
Darla +52(564)3835-822
Darla +52(564)3835-822
Price per hour: 2000 MXN
Price for 2 hours: negotiable
Price per night: negotiable
Age: 20
Height: 160
Weight: 56
Chest: 1 (A)
Hair color: Brown
Ethnicity: Mixed
About my

Hello loves, my name is Darla I am 20 years old and I am a luxury escort that you will not regret meeting. I love sex and I enjoy it a lot, I can guarantee it, my dear. If you are looking for a sexy and nice girl, I assure you that it is me. In bed I am totally complete and accommodating and I am here to make all your most intimate desires come true, even the most shameful ones.


Extra data

District Reforma
Waist 56
Hips 56
Languages English, Spanish,
Service area Departure to the client


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