Prostitute Lulu

Lulu +52(552)5578-482
Lulu +52(552)5578-482
Lulu +52(552)5578-482
Lulu +52(552)5578-482
Lulu +52(552)5578-482
Lulu +52(552)5578-482
Lulu +52(552)5578-482
Price per hour: 2000 MXN
Price for 2 hours: negotiable
Price per night: negotiable
Age: 21
Height: 160
Weight: 55
Chest: 1 (A)
About my

Hi, I am Lulu and I am just like the girl next door that you always had a crush on. I am sweet, sexy, and I have a smile that will put you in a great mood the moment you meet me. I have gorgeous long hair and beautiful eyes that twinkle when i flirts. i would love to spend time getting to know you and finding out all about you.


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District Colonia Roma
Service area Departure to the client


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