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Prostitute Maggi

Maggi +52(564)3560-138
Maggi +52(564)3560-138
Maggi +52(564)3560-138
Maggi +52(564)3560-138
Price per hour: 2000 MXN
Price for 2 hours: negotiable
Price per night: negotiable
Age: 22
Height: 163
Weight: 58
Chest: 3 (C)
Hair color: Brown
Ethnicity: Mixed
About my

A beautiful, hot-blooded escort like the Latina that I am and in the most intimate moments I take my most affectionate and morbid side. I will make our meeting special and unique, it will be full of caresses, kisses and you will be able to taste a delicious French with deep throat.


Extra data

District Reforma
Waist 61
Hips 61
Languages English, Spanish,
Service area Departure to the client


Profile rating: Prostitute Maggi, +52(564)3560-138, Mexico City on MX.PANDER.PRO 5 (1 Estimates)


Prostitute Maggi, +52(564)3560-138, Mexico City on MX.PANDER.PRO Date: 03.11.2023
Super niña muy linda amable,sin prisas espero verla muy pronto super recomendable

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